Inverted Spectrum Media is a non-profit media production organization aimed at bringing the tools, texts, and topics of philosophy and the academy more generally
to absolutely everyone.
We at Inverted Spectrum Media believe that learning is fun, that learning about philosophy in particular is especially fun, and that with a little creativity it can be fun for anyone at all.

Philosophy is the ungainly attempt to tackle questions that come naturally to children, using methods that come naturally to lawyers.

David Hills

Podcasts and Projects

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A podcast about philosophy, about ideas, and about understanding ourselves and our world more clearly. Hosted by Andrew Lavin and featuring interviews with philosophers and personal stories, along with a lot of cool thought experiments.

Studio Microphone

Phi Texts (Name Pending)

We're hoping to produce audio versions of classic and contemporary philosophy papers so that they're easier to consume when on a run, commuting, or doing the dishes.


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