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Inverted Spectrum Media is a non-profit that produces digital media aimed at educating the public about philosophical and more broadly academic topics.

Our Board

Andrew Lavin

Andrew Lavin is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at UCLA. He holds MAs in Philosophy from UCLA and San Jose State University and a BA in Comparative Religion from CSU, Chico. His research focus has been on the three kinds of intentionality: action, perception, and cognition. His philosophical work has a medieval Latin and otherwise comparative bent. He is producing Reductio to share his passion: thinking carefully and clearly about the world using all of the tools at our disposal. 

Rose Spero

“Rose Spero is the Director of Operations at Ayuda, a non-profit helping low-income immigrants succeed and thrive. Before serving as Director of Operations at Ayuda, Rose handled operations for another major player in the non-profit space, Polaris, home of the National Human Trafficking Hotline. She has also has a background in finance from six years at Northern Capital Management. Rose has her Bachelor's in Journalism from Whitworth University, her Master's in Equality & Human Rights from the University of Glasgow, and is a graduate of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement's Executive Preparation Institute.


 Rose is passionate about social justice and seeing everyone flourish, and she believes that high quality education is central to that end.”

Jordan Wallace-Wolf

Jordan Wallace-Wolf is a JD/PhD candidate at UCLA, with a research focus on privacy, law, and normative ethics. As an aspiring philosopher, he believes in the power of ideas and the need to promote knowledge and free-thinking wherever possible. As an aspiring lawyer, he believes in the power of justice, and the need to promote fairness and lawfulness throughout society.   

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